The Insignia Story


There is quite a bit of societal discussion about what is wrong with some people “having” and others “not having.” All too often, that conversation is about money, which we believe is not the real problem.

There are several kinds of basic life principles that those who “have” them succeed with and those who “have not” do not succeed with. Some of these include personal responsibility, self-awareness, delayed gratification, covenants, accountability, master planning, execution, keeping your word, sharing credit and stewardship of talents and resources. There are many who’ve picked up these basic life principles through traditional means such as family of origin, education, advanced Education, professional career path, lifelong learning, response to crisis, access to accomplished peers and colleagues, public service and/or faith.

And then there are those who either didn’t have access, weren’t paying attention, hadn’t recognized opportunities, or didn’t know what they didn’t know, who now find themselves out of work, in frustrating careers, in difficult relationships, in financial crisis, feeling out of options (bored, stagnant) or a host of other scenarios. They don’t need the kind of charity that provides physical food or shelter. Instead, they need the kind of organization that can provide life skills training, guidance, accountability and a hand-up to turn their lives around and accomplish what they’re capable of.

Such is the reason for the founding of The Insignia Foundation. Our staff, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, supporters and friends are committed to helping those who need an assist to make it to the next level so that they can achieve their full potential. “Insignia” programs and resources are designed to “help others make the mark they were created to make,” even if they’ll struggle to be able to pay for it. We also have several opportunities for those who wish to become involved in leadership, mentoring and facilitating the success of others.

One of our popular curriculums focuses on what we call the 8 “F-bombs”, because they really are the bombshells of life:

Our programs include workshops, seminars, round-tables, retreats and 1-on-1 life coaching opportunities. For a more information about Insignia and what we offer in your area, please contact us through the next steps page.