Insignia Coaching!

The highest performers in life often have access to coaching resources. Professional Athletes have performance coaches. Opera singers have voice coaches. High-level executives have coaches, and round-tables, and other forms of professional development opportunities. Political leaders have advisors. Non-profit organizations have Boards of Directors who provide advice and accountability. In short, we live in a day where anyone trying to do it alone is probably at a disadvantage. The last we checked, the perfection rate among humans was running at right about 0%! We all have roadblocks, hurdles and constraints that have the potential to hold us back in some way! In response, Insignia was founded to recognize every single person who wants to grow and develop themselves and provide a round-table environment where they can experience the support, networking, advice and accountability that exists with a round-table of peers facilitated by a trained coach. And, due to the generosity of our donors and volunteers, we are able to provide this service at little to no cost.